Where do you ship to?

Anywhere in the U.S. where we can lawfully do so. We do not ship to Massachusetts, Chicago, New York City, Hawaii, or Alaska, and we will not ship to Illinois, New Jersey, or Connecticut until we have all legalities worked out. We now ship to California! If shipping to California, please provide us all the relevant details for the FFL holder you’d like us to ship to. We will verify the information and ship your ammunition to the FFL.

What currencies do you accept?

Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Dogecoin. We may accept others upon request.

Do you accept credit cards/PayPal/U.S. dollar in some way?

We do not accept credit cards or Paypal through our website.  If you would like to purchase ammunition from us using the US dollar, email us at sales@crypto-armory.com and we can work something out.  We don’t supply an automated method of accepting USD right now for several reasons, including: Ease of setup, our specific niche (ammo for crypto, why accept USD if our niche is crypto?), and the potential for fraud.

Why don’t you sell my favorite ammo?

We are working towards expanding our inventory.  If there’s a particular ammo you would like to purchase from us that we do not currently sell, give us an email at contact@crypto-armory.com and we’ll consider adding it!  If you can’t wait, we can bargain and order some in just to fill your order.

Why use cryptocurrencies?

Two reasons: Personal freedoms and ease of use.

Personal freedoms: Cryptocurrencies, specifically the ones we accept, are distributed, trustless systems which are not owned or controlled by any individual or entity. The current banking system requires its users to entrust their funds and personal information to the central banks or credit card companies, whereas cryptocurrencies allow you to “be your own bank” and know that your funds aren’t being lent to others and will always be available to you. They do not require your personal information, no government prints them, no one can seize them, your funds cannot be frozen, there is no middle-man, and they cannot be counterfeited. You control your coins, and only you.

Ease of use: As stated earlier, using cryptocurrency is very easy. All it takes to spend is the recipient’s address (usually a QR code) and the amount you wish to pay. If you are using a smart phone wallet, simply scan the recipient’s QR code and enter the amount to pay.

Creating a crypto wallet is also straightforward. Download a smart phone wallet from the Google Play store or the iTunes store (we recommend Bitcoin.com for both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core, the two main versions of Bitcoin with different visions for the future). It will then prompt you to back up your wallet seed by writing it on paper so you can still recover your coins even if your device crashes. Now you’re done and ready to spend and receive cryptocurrency..

Why do you have so few products?

Crypto-Armory is young and we are working towards expanding our inventory. If there are any products you would like us to add, ask us! We would love to hear feedback and see what the market wants.

What products will you be adding next?

We will be adding several pocket knives with a variety of handles and blade lengths soon!

If you would like to see us stock a particular cartridge or item, let us know by emailing us at contact@crypto-armory.com, we appreciate your input!