GrapheneOS Pixel 5 “Patriot Phone”




Please note, this listing is for a Pixel 5, but pictured above is a Pixel 4a.

Want to stop being tracked, or to have confidence you are not being listened to? Want to get big tech out of your phone? I de-google Pixels and offer 2 hours of my time to assist you with the transition. I personally use this setup (but on a pixel 4a) and most apps I need function just fine without Google play services, including functional navigation apps.

With this bundle, you get:
– 1 de-googled Pixel 5 (running GrapheneOS, a de-googled, security hardened and privacy centric version of Android.)
– 1 USB-C charger
– AlphaGlass and Otterbox (defender or commuter) case pre-installed, so you can be confident your device will physically last.
– optionally 2 hours of my time to assist you with setting up the device and getting all your necessary apps installed. This time can also be used for technical support if you run into issues later.

Read more about grapheneOS here:

Please note, any apps that absolutely require Google Play services may not work on this device. I am willing to run tests for you to determine if your required apps function on this device before you commit to your purchase.

There is a 2 week lead time on orders of this device as I source the required hardware on a per-order basis.

Contact me if you desire different hardware or different case configuration.


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